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IBM Storwize V5000 SFF Dual Control Enclosure

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Thông tin sản phẩm IBM Storwize V5000 SFF Dual Control Enclosure

Host interface

1 Gb iSCSI, 6 Gb SAS and 8 Gb Fibre Channel, or 10 Gb iSCSI/Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE)

User interface

Web-based graphical user interface (GUI)

Single or dual controller


Maximum cache

32 GB (with two-way clustered systems)

Drive type

Dual-port, hot-swappable, 6 Gb SAS disk drives

Drives supported

Small form-factor 2.5-inch disk drives:

146 GB, 300 GB, 600 GB @ 15k rpm

600 GB, 900 GB, 1.2 TB, 1.8 TB, 2 TB @ 10k rpm

1 TB, 2 TB @ 7.2k rpm SAS nearline

Large form-factor 3.5-inch disk drives:

300 GB, 600 GB @ 15k rpm, SAS (2.5-inch drive in a 3.5-inch drive carrier)

900 GB, 1.2 TB, 1.8 TB @ 10k rpm, SAS (2.5-inch drive in a 3.5-inch drive carrier)

2 TB, 3 TB, 4 TB, 6 TB, 8 TB @ 7.2k rpm

Solid-state drive (SSD) 2.5-inch drives:

200 GB, 400 GB, 800 GB, 1.6 TB

Maximum drives supported

Up to 19 Storwize V5000 expansion enclosures (maximum of 480 drives per system and 960 drives in two-way clustered systems):

Small form-factor enclosure: 24 x 2.5-inch drives

Large form-factor enclosure: 12 x 3.5-inch drives

RAID levels

RAID 0, 1, 5, 6 and 10

Fans and power supplies

Fully redundant, hot-swappable

Rack support

Standard 19-inch rack-mount* enclosure with AC power

Management software

IBM Storwize family software for Storwize V5000

Advanced functions included with system

Embedded GUI

Dual-system clustering

Virtualization of internal storage

Thin provisioning

One-way data migration

Interoperability with most major server platforms and operating systems

Optional advanced functions

Easy Tier

External virtualization


Remote mirroring


8.7 cm (3.4 in.) H x 48.3 cm (19.0 in.) W x 55.6 cm (21.9 in.) D

Approximate weight:

Large form-factor control enclosure:

Empty: 18.0 kg (39.6 lb)

Fully configured: 28.3 kg (62.2 lb)

Large form-factor expansion enclosure:

Empty: 16.4 kg (36.1 lb)

Fully configured: 26.7 kg (58.8 lb)

Small form-factor control enclosure:

Empty: 19.0 kg (41.8 lb)

Fully configured: 27.3 kg (60.0 lb)

Small form-factor expansion enclosure:

Empty: 16.7 kg (36.7 lb)

Fully configured: 25.0 kg (55.2 lb)

Operating environment

Air temperature:

Operating: 10°C – 35°C (50°F – 95°F) at 30.5 m below to 3,000 m above sea level (100 ft below to 9,840 ft above)

Non-operating: -10°C – 50°C (14°F – 125°F)

Relative humidity:

Operating: 20% – 80%

Non-operating: 10% – 90%

Electrical power:

Voltage range: 100 – 240 V ac

Frequency: 50 – 60 Hz

Large form-factor control enclosure: 378 watts

Large form-factor expansion enclosure: 300 watts

Small form-factor control enclosure: 425 watts

Small form-factor expansion enclosure: 338 watts

Heat dissipation (BTU/hr.)

Large form-factor control enclosure: 1,290

Large form-factor expansion enclosure: 1,024

Small form-factor control enclosure: 1,451

Small form-factor expansion enclosure: 1,154

Supported systems

For a list of currently supported servers, operating systems, host bus adapters, clustering applications, and SAN switches and directors, refer to the IBM System Storage Interoperation Center at:

ISV solutions

For a list of high-quality solutions with our partner ISVs, including access to solution briefs and white papers, refer to the ISV Solutions Resource Library

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